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City of Rochester

Brooks Landing Mixed-Use Project

About the Project

The Brooks Landing Mixed-Use project involves the construction of two structures. The first is a 100,000 square foot, 11-story mixed-use building (referred to as the “Flats at Brooks Landing”) consisting of a ground level boat storage facility, a first floor restaurant, and 10 floors of student housing. The second structure consists of a 4,000 square foot, single story, credit union with drive-through operation.

The project is currently undergoing Site Plan Review.  An Environmental Assessment Form (EAF) has been prepared that integrates the Brooks Landing Mixed-Use Project and the public improvements to Genesee Valley Park.  The public and private improvements are inter-related, not only by a direct vehicular connection, but by a mutual dependence upon visual and community character enhancements which will help ensure the success of each.

Project Details

  • Address: 1500 South Plymouth Avenue
  • Total Development Cost: $19,400,000
  • City Investment/Involvement: The City is undertaking a public improvements project in the adjacent Genesee Valley Park. Financial assistance for the private development project is yet to be determined. Project Status: Pending approval

Developer Information

Download the Documents

Additional Information

For further information on the economic and community development aspects of the project, please contact:

Rick Rynski, AICP, Senior Economic Development Specialist, at (585) 428-6932 or rynskir@cityofrochester.gov

For further information on the regulatory review and permitting of the project, please contact:

Jason Haremza, AICP, Senior Planner/Urban Design Specialist, at (585) 428-7761 or jason.haremza@cityofrochester.gov

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