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Request For Proposal Sale        200 Webster and 212 Conkey Proposals Due 01/04/2019

In a Request for Proposal (RFP) sale, the City of Rochester offers commercial or mixed-use buildings, residential structures that may have specific development requirements, and parcels of vacant land that are suitable for development. Interested buyers are required to submit a Proposal Outline detailing their plans for renovation or construction, estimated costs, financing plan and timetable for completion.  (Please see submission deadline on each individual offerings listing)

Please download the  RFP Dev Proposal or  Development Proposal Outline for Vacant Land  as appropriate, including the Purchaser Information Form.  Interested purchasers should also download the RFP Terms & Conditions

Vacant Land        Proposals Due December 21st by 4PM
Property Map

The City of Rochester owns a 21 acre site and is accepting bids to lease for approximately 7.7 acres of tillable land for agricultural use in the Town of Rush, NY for a period of 5 years.

The City-owned land is bordered on the east by NYS Route 15A, on the north by 5325 East Henrietta Road, the south by 5389 East Henrietta Road and on the west by the City of Rochester Rush Reservoir facility.   The tax map number for the City-owned property is 202.02-1-41.2. 

 As determined by the United States Department of Agriculture Soil Conservation Service in their most recent soil survey (1992), the soil consists of Ofc (Ontario fine sandy loam, 8% - 15% slopes), HIB (Hilton loam, 3% - 8% slopes) and Ofb (Ontario fine sandy loam, 3% - 8% slopes).  These soils may be suitable for all crops commonly grown in Monroe County.


The City of Rochester will consider proposals for leasing this land for agricultural purposes.  A lease agreement will be entered into following bid proposal review and acceptance.  Please submit your bid proposal and indicate the following:


Amount of acres to be leased for agricultural purposes and location on parcel;

Amount to be paid by tenant in terms of $/acre; $_______ x 7.7 acres= $__________/Yr

Crops proposed by tenant; _______________________________

Proposed tenant contact information:





Cell phone :__________________  Home phone:_______________


Please provide this information no later than 4:00 p.m. Friday, December 20th, 2018 to:


Michael Woodruff

City of Rochester

30 Church Street, Room 125B