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City of Rochester

Highland Park-Canalway Trail Project

About the Project

The Highland Park/Canalway Trail Project is a joint venture between the Town of Brighton and the City of Rochester. Fisher Associates and Trowbridge and Wolf Landscape Architects are on hand to assist the City with the project. An engineer's rendering of the off-road portion of the trail.
The trail is intended to:

  1. Connect Highland Park with the Erie Canalway Trail and the Genesee Riverway Trail,
  2. Provide a safe pedestrian and bicycle route to Highland Park,
  3. Build a cost-effective, context-sensitive, community-valued trail, and
  4. Enhance the regional trail system.

View the Documents

  • Project Scoping Report/Draft Design Report 
    • Please review this important document. This document details the design of the project to date. With all comments received and addressed the report will be submitted for State and Federal approval. Once approval is received the project will advance to Final Design.
    • You can submit comments through December 5, 2011, at 5 p.m.  in two ways:
      • Use the online form 
      • Via letter, email, or fax to: 
        Jeffrey J. Mroczek, R.L.A./Landscape Architect
        City of Rochester, DES    
        30 Church Street, Room 300B    
        Rochester, NY 14614-1279 
        fax: (585) 428-6253  
        email: mrozcekj@cityofrochester.gov 
          Roseann B. Schmid, P.E.
        Transportation Group Manager, Fisher Associates
        135 Calkins Road
        Rochester, NY 14623
        fax: (585) 334-1361
        email: rschmid@fischerassoc.com  
  • The Genesee Transportation Council's Regional Trails Initiative Final Report and Action Plan recommended this project as a "Near-Term Priority Project." See table 4 and page 54 of the document.
  • Check out the 2004 Highland Park-Canalway Trail: Planning and Design Final Report  prepared by McCord Landscape Architects and Lu Engineers.

October 18, 2011 Public Meeting

June 23, 2010 Neighborhood Association Meeting

July 1, 2009 Public Meeting

Project Timeline

Project Initiation → January 2009
Develop Alternatives → June 2009
Public Meeting → July 2009
Refine Trail Alignment and Conduct Environmental Studies → July 2010
Prepare Design Report → August 2010
Public Meeting → September 2010
Design Approval → November 2010
Final Design→ Fall 2013
Construction → Pending funding


Contact City project manager, Jeff Mroczek, at (585) 428-7124 or email him.


An engineer's rendering of the on-road section of the trail. 



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