2013 Rochester Police Department Community Survey

Project overview 

The Rochester Police Department is always committed to providing citizens with exemplary service. Community feedback is a crucial component to the Department’s mission. In 2013, in order to ensure that the RPD was meeting the community’s needs and expectations, it asked the Survey Research Institute (SRI) at Cornell University to gather your input through a phone survey. This was an opportunity to provide your opinion and views,  helping to build a “report card”, and lending insight for establishing goals that helped shape the future of RPD and better serve the City of Rochester.    

When will the survey take place?

The survey took place in the Fall of 2013.    

Purpose of the survey 

The project intended to get a better understanding of how the community views public safety in the city as well as views on the staff of the Rochester Police Department.  

The survey hoped to gain community input in the areas of:

  • perceptions of safety,
  • professionalism of the police department, and
  • community engagement.

Who participated in the survey? 

SRI called a random sampling of city residents to be surveyed.  Additionally, an online version of the survey was available as an alternative for those who were not called.  Please note, however, that the online survey results will only be used to provide the department with additional information and will not be used in SRI’s final data analysis. 

Results of the phone survey 

Click here for results of the survey.