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Rochester Traffic Violations Agency – OPENS APRIL 23, 2018 – 200 E. Main Street, Suite B-002, Rochester NY,14604.

Beginning April 23, 2018, the City of Rochester Traffic Violations Agency will be adjudicating traffic infractions in violation of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law.

About the City of Rochester Traffic Violations Agency 

“Under the current system, if you can’t pay your traffic ticket, people lose their licenses, which restricts their ability to access jobs, safe and vibrant neighborhoods and quality educational opportunities. These fines compound, causing legal problems for the individual and perpetuating the cycle of poverty. In other words, it’s a crime to be poor,” Mayor Lovely A. Warren. (New release Thursday, June 2, 2016)

The Rochester Traffic Violations Agency (RTVA) assists the Rochester City Court in administering and disposing of certain traffic infractions. The agency operates under the direction and control of Mayor Lovely A. Warren.

Most traffic infractions that occur in the City of Rochester will be handled by the RTVA. Some specific traffic infractions will be handled in Rochester City Court.

The Department of Motor Vehicles Traffic Violations Bureau will no longer address moving violations. Notifications are being sent to motorists with pending trial and/or hearing dates by the Department of Motor Vehicles Traffic Violations Bureau indicating their hearings will be rescheduled. Motorists will receive new appearance dates from the Rochester Traffic Violations Agency. 

The City of Rochester offers qualifying motorists the option of pleading down their tickets for moving violations and, or equipment violations.

It is anticipated the RTVA will dispose of more than 34,000 tickets annually.

Traffic Prosecutor 

Motorists stopped in the City of Rochester can meet with the Traffic Prosecutor and discuss the particulars of her/his case.

 Plea by Mail or In Person

Motorists who qualify will have the opportunity to submit their plea by mail or in person. If you were issued a Uniform Traffic Ticket in the City of Rochester, you are encouraged to plead by mail.

Pay by Mail, In Person or On-Line

Pay Online Image

 Payments can be made by mail, in person at the RTVA office, or on-line through nCourt.

  • Payments accepted in person Monday-Friday 8:30 am-4:45 pm
  • Payments will be accepted (starting April 23) on-line any time through nCourt.  
  • Payments can also be made over the phone by calling (888) 912-1541
  • Parking Tickets can be paid at 

Additional Information

The Rochester Traffic Violations Agency was created through collaborative efforts of the city and state lawmakers. The goal of the RTVA is to support the City of Rochester’s Vision Statement and its Values and Guiding Principles to enhance public safety through equitable enforcement of traffic infractions.

The Rochester Traffic Violations Agency is authorized under New York State General Municipal Law Article 14-B, Section 370, and established in the Rochester City Charter under Section C-6-141.