Shop the Roc Merchant Event Submission

Please Note, applications must be received 2 months before the date of the event.
Merchants Association Information

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Organization Mailing Address  

Organization Phone Number  

Briefly describe your organization's history, basic goals, and/or purpose.


Provide your organization's annual budget  

How many businesses does your organization represent?  

Does your organization have an elected board of directors?  

If yes, how often does the board meet?  

Has your organization been in existence for more than one year?  

List the names of businesses active in your organization (can be separated by commas).



Event Information

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Describe the event (purpose, activities planned, proposed hours, etc).


Where will the event take place?   

What does the organization hope to achieve with the event?


What is the estimated cost of the event?  

How many businesses will directly benefit from the event?  

List any other sponsors (ones that are distinctly separate from the organization, i.e. grant makers or unrelated corporate sponsors) and their contributions. 


Is the event ticketed?  

If yes, how much is the ticket?   

If yes, how will proceeds be used?