RFP - Term RPR Services for City ROW Permit Construction

RFP - Term RPR Services for City ROW Permit Construction

The City of Rochester Architecture and Engineering Bureau is requesting proposals from firms with interest in providing term resident project representation (RPR) services for various City Right of Way Permit construction activities.

City of Rochester streets are dedicated rights of way (ROW). The City ROW includes street pavement, curbing, sidewalks, tree lawns and areas behind sidewalks.

Construction within the City ROW is performed under the jurisdiction of either City issued street construction contracts or City issued ROW work permits. This agreement will involve RPR services on construction activities that are under the jurisdiction of a City issued ROW work permit. Such work includes construction by various entities including public or private utility agencies, property owners, and private contractors. Work under this agreement will provide RPR services at any construction project or activity authorized by a City issued ROW work permit to observe the construction activities performed within the City ROW. Construction can be at any location within the City limits or any other City property.

Services will include providing a part or full time resident engineer or inspectors for permit construction as needed and at NICET skill levels as needed. The personnel would work under the supervision of a City project manager and perform technical duties associated with the construction. These duties would involve observation of construction procedures of a permit holder for compliance with ROW work permit requirements such as: construction site maintenance and protection of vehicular and pedestrian traffic; proper trench backfill; temporary and final site restoration; and meeting permit schedule requirements. Work would also include: coordination with City residents affected by the work and addressing resident questions and concerns; and coordination with permit holder on the correct location and depth of new work to ensure new work will not conflict with existing or proposed City facilities. 

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Proposal Submission:

Proposals are due 5:00 P.M., Friday, December 15, 2017.

Submission should be a digital copy (PDF) of the proposal. A paper copy of the submission is not required.

Questions should be directed to:

Sam Priem
Managing Engineer, Construction
Department of Environmental Services
Architecture and Engineering Bureau
City Hall Room 300B
30 Church Street
Rochester, NY 14614-1290
Phone: 585.428.6704

Digital copy (PDF) of the Proposal should be emailed (Do not send disks or drives.) to: