RFP - Organizational Evaluation of the Rochester Fire Department Fire Suppression Deployment Model (Engine-Truck)

 Request for Proposal

The City of Rochester is seeking proposals from qualified Consultants (“Consultant(s)”) to perform an organizational effectiveness and efficiency evaluation of the Rochester Fire Department (RFD) fire suppression deployment model (Engine/Truck) including the following areas of the current operating model: service delivery and response performance for fire suppression services as well as all special operations services (e.g. hazardous material response, high rise response, confined space rescue, water rescue, extrication, etc.); staffing, company deployment, truck size, and analysis of operating and capital resources. This is a not a request for recommendations to suggest an alternate deployment model, rather it is a request to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the current deployment model and provide enhancements or changes.

View the RFP here>> RFP Organizational Review of the RFD Response System FINAL

Proposals to be received by 4 p.m. February 6, 2018

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Submit Proposals to:
Sarah Ruekberg, Budget Analyst
City of Rochester
30 Church Street, Room 200A
Rochester, NY 14614