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City of Rochester

Bureau of Architecture and Engineering

 City Engineer James McIntosh What We Do 

With a focus on customer service, efficiency, and excellence, the Bureau of Architecture and Engineering (A&E) serves as the steward of the city's infrastructure. The Bureau collaborates with community representatives, utilities, business owners, and other city departments on public improvement projects that enhance quality of life and economic development opportunities in city neighborhoods. The Bureau uses in-house resources and manages consultants and contractors in order to perform design and construction services in the public realm related to streetscapes, street lighting, trails, bridges, and City-owned buildings.

Contact the City Engineer

James R. McIntosh, P.E.
Bureau of Architecture & Engineering
City Hall 30 Church Street, Room 300B
Rochester, NY 14614
(585) 428-6828
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Apprenticeship Program

Learn more about the City's apprenticeship program.

Bureau Organization

The Administrative Division acts as the central support for the City Engineer and the rest of the Bureau. It provides financial oversight of projects and coordinates the budgetary planning and Capital Improvement Program. Transportation planners are also housed in this division.

The Architectural Services Division is responsible for the safety, integrity and utility of City-owned facilities. Division staff implements renovation, rehabilitation and repair projects that best extend the useful life of these facilities; meeting the needs of residents and employees in adherence of sound safety, budgetary and historic preservation parameters.

The Development Division is tasked with the design of various unique projects like trails, park enhancements and signage, playgrounds and spray parks. They also produce design plans for special projects that often require multiple streets and stakeholders.

The Structures Division is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the City's bridges and garages. Most projects are designed by consultants while smaller projects and structural review of other division’s projects are performed in-house.

The Street Design Division maintains the street inventory and coordinates all street improvements throughout the City. Some projects are designed in-house while others are performed by consultants chosen by this division.

The Street Construction Division inspects all projects to ensure that the work has been performed according to specification. Inspectors from this division are on-site at street projects to monitor progress and quality of work.

The Maps and Surveys Division is the keeper of the official City map. All deeds and property transfers are recorded and subdivision requests are reviewed here. The division assigns street numbers to buildings, performs surveys, and maintains a record of all City survey monuments.

The Permit Office issues permits for all construction that will take place in the public right-of-way. Any utility that constructs on City property needs a permit from this office. Inspectors from the office monitor all sites for adherence to their planned work and when necessary, issue notices and orders in the case of code violations.

The Street Lighting Division, together with Rochester Gas and Electric, maintains street lights within the City. The City currently owns about 50% of the system. This division coordinates with RG&E to arrange for pole replacement or lamp upgrades. Street Lighting also works closely with the Street Construction Division in order to coincide lighting upgrades and street improvement projects.

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