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City of Rochester

Reassessment 2016

Accurate property assessment is critical to an equitable distribution of property taxes which fund the types of services that ensure the value and vitality of our City. That is why over 66,000 properties are evaluated all at once, typically every 4 years, during a Reassessment to maintain accurate property data and valuation. During Non-Reassessment years as specific properties undergo significant physical change, when appropriate the data and the valuations are updated.


Below are links to brochures explaining the 2016 Reassessment:


Informal Reviews available from May through February  - Click Here 

Formal Review - Board Assessment Review 

  • Board of Assessment Review Application (RPTL 524)  - Click Here 
  • “Assessment Adjustments” (this page outlines the review process) - Click Here 
  • Frequently Asked Questions “Changing Assessments” - Click Here 
  • see other resources below for assistance in preparing for a BAR hearing  
  • The application must be RECEIVED by the Bureau of Assessment by TUESDAY MARCH 19th, 2013 8:00 p.m. (ET).   


    Additional resources for reviewing the proposed Assessments / Market Values and preparing for hearings:

    • List of Recent Sales by street for 1, 2 & 3 family properties (click on the desired address for details) - Click Here 
    • Searchable Sales Database for those & other types of properties - Click Here 
    •  NYS ORPTS booklet "Contesting Your Assessment":  Click Here 
    •  NYS ORPTS pamphlet "How to Estimate the Market Value of Your Home" Click Here  



    Remember: You MUST apply for any exemption by February 1st 

    Exemptions may reduce property taxes for owner/occupants, seniors, veterans, non-profits, capital improvements, business improvements and more. For descriptions of common exemptions, please use the following links:

    •  click here for Residential property exemptions,   
    •  or here for Commercial and all other types of property exemptions. 












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