Rochester Police Department Special Operations Division

Commander Joseph MorabitoThe Special Operations Division is is commanded by Police Commander Joseph Morabito.
Organizationally, the Special Operations Division falls under the Operations Bureau.

The Special Operations Division consists of:

The Special Operation Section, 261 Child Street, Rochester, NY 14611.  The following units fall under this section:

The Tactical Unit - responsible for providing directed patrol, crime specific details, pro-active, anti-crime efforts and technical equipment to deal with selected crime problems.  

The Traffic Enforcement Unit - responsible for city-wide specialized alcohol enforcement countermeasures and pro-active traffic enforcement, as well as traffic direction and control. TEU analyzes city-wide motor vehicle accidents and enforcement activities and disseminates information to the Special Operations Section Commanding Officer for review and planning. TEU is further responsible for the handling or referral of complaints or suggestions concerning traffic engineering deficiencies and transmits accident and enforcement data to the Traffic Control Board. TEU is also responsible for coordination of the School Crossing Guard Program.

The Mounted Unit - provides specialized patrol services in the City of Rochester on horseback.

The K-9 Unit - provides canine support services in the area of building searches and tracking, as well as nitrate and drug searches.

The Youth Services Unit - responsible for the development and implementation of programs designed to prevent and control juvenile delinquency, including specialized School Resource Officers (SROs), administering the Department’s youth initiatives, serving as a liaison with Family Court and other social agencies and advising the Department on procedural changes that will affect the Department’s juvenile-related services. YSU is responsible for the coordination and administration of the Department’s Truancy Intervention Program in conjunction with the Rochester City School District. YSU is also responsible for the collection of data from SROs regarding juvenile criminal activity in schools, development of programs to address identified problems and coordination of youth-related programs.

The Central Investigation Section  - responsible for conducting specified investigations and providing investigative support services necessary for the effective operation of the Rochester Police Department. CIS functions include:

Major Crimes Investigations, which investigates all homicides and incidents of suspicious or unexplained deaths, undetermined or incendiary fires, certain missing persons, bank robberies, certain types of child abuse, including incidents involving sexual exploitation of children and maintaining and updating files on known sex offenders, including the Sex Offender Registry.

Investigative Support Services provides investigative support services and functions, which includes the coordination and administration of polygraph and voice stress analyzer exams, license, firearms and economic crimes investigations, Technicians, Family and Victim Services, inlcuding Victim Assistance and the Family Crisis Intervention Team (FACIT). 

The Special Investigation Section  - responsible for the suppression of organized crime, illegal narcotics trafficking and other vice-related activity. It is responsible for initiating special investigations, participating in multi-jurisdictional task forces and coordinating enforcement action including: illegal narcotics trafficking, organized crime, illegal gambling, organized prostitution and pornography, illegal sale and distribution of liquor, tobacco and illegal firearms. It is further responsible for the investigation of any crime or series of crimes as directed by the Chief of Police.

Specialized Team Functions, include:

The Bomb Squad - which responds to all incidents involving explosives, explosions, bombs and bombings.

The Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team - which responds to incidents of barricaded gunmen, hostage situations and high-risk warrants.

The SCUBA Squad - which responds to all incidents of drowning, underwater mishaps and underwater evidence recovery within City waterways.

The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) - a group of specially trained employees, on a voluntary basis, to deal with emotionally disturbed individuals in a variety of situations in the Rochester community which may include suicidal persons, persons exhibiting irrational behavior, psychiatric patients, homeless persons, various mental health concerns and any other situations that deal specifically with the needs of the mental health community and emotionally disturbed persons.

The Crisis Negotiation Team - responsible for intervention in situations involving hostage, suicide, barricaded gunmen and other situations where their expertise in negotiations is necessary.

The Mobile Field Force - a specially trained group of members assigned to provide rapid, organized and disciplined response to civil disorder, crowd control or other tactical situations.