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City of Rochester

Rochester Police Department Patrol Division West

The Patrol Division West (PDW) office is located at 1099 Jay Street Rochester, NY 14611.
The division phone number is (585) 428-9810.   

The PDW is comprised of Police Service Areas (PSA) 43-54, is bounded to the north by Lake Ontario, the City’s municipal boundary with the Town’s of Greece and Gates to the West, the Town of Chili to the south and the midpoint of the Genesee River to the east, to include the Inner Loop and the geographical confines within the Inner Loop. The PDW follows the midpoint of the Genesee River north to Lake Ontario, and the midpoint south to a point at its intersection with the north embankment of the Erie Canal. It then continues west along the Erie Canal to the midpoint intersection beneath Scottsville Road at the City’s municipal borderline with the Town of Chili. It then continues north on Scottsville Road to a midpoint intersection with Kingsboro Road. It continues west along the City’s municipal boundary, which corresponds to the north embankment of the Erie Canal, and continues northwest along the canal embankment to midpoint at the intersection of the canal, Brooks Avenue, and the City’s municipal boundary with the Town of Gates. It continues north along the east embankment of the Erie Canal, which follows the City’s municipal boundary with the Towns of Gates and Greece.

This Division is responsible for providing general police services, including the centralized coordination of bicycle patrols, and certain special services. It is also responsible for the coordination and development of crime prevention programs (with the Patrol Division Commanding Officers, Neighborhood Service Center (NSC) offices and Crime Prevention Officers) including PAC-TAC; preparation of presentations and speaking at public meetings and in-service training as required. 




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