Rochester Police Department Administration Bureau


The Administration Bureau 

Deputy Chief Mark SimmonsCommanded by Deputy Chief Mark Simmons, the Administration Bureau is responsible for providing the administrative support services necessary for the effective operation of the Police Department. Subdivisions of this Bureau are responsible for managing the Department's resources to meet the needs of the Department in the most effective and efficient manner possible. 

The Administration Bureau is the liaison with the City of Rochester’s Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM)
in all personnel matters including hiring and promotion, and Labor Relations (which maintains and controls all grievance records) and the labor unions representing Department employees for all labor matters. It is the liaison for building maintenance and improvement, as well as telephone and utility service. It is further responsible for serving as liaison with the current provider of the Officer Assistance Program.

The Administration Bureau contains the Professional Development Section (which includes the Background and Recruitment Unit, and the Volunteer Services Unit), the Technical Services Section, Budget and Personnel Offices, and the Research and Evaluation Section, which includes the Police Artist. 

The Research and Evaluation Section is responsible for the development of Department policies and procedures, providing a liaison to the Monroe County Office of Emergency Preparedness and coordinating policy and procedure development for the handling of emergencies involving both Department and outside resources. It is also responsible for management of special projects and experimental programs; the research, procurement, and administration of funding grants; and it provides staff assistance to the Department as required, including analytical reports.

This section is further responsible for coordinating the Department's staff and field inspection activities; evaluating compliance with directives, plans, regulations; preparing status reports and recommendations concerning the administration and operation of the Department; overseeing the Department's compliance with applicable accreditation programs; and coordinating the field testing of new or alternative products, equipment, and technologies for possible use by the Department.

The Police Artist is responsible for both graphic and forensic duties. Graphic design projects include conception and executing promotional and printed materials, designing the annual report and other multimedia projects for the Department. Forensic requests include composite sketches from witness descriptions, postmortem sketches, facial reconstruction from skeletal remains and digitally enhanced photo line-ups.

For information on how to join the RPD call the police recruiter at (585) 428-6716.