West Ridge Road Reconstruction


Project Limits: Hanford Landing to Veteran’s Bridge 
Date Completed: Winter 2007 

$25.5 million (including NYS and federal funding) 

Designed By: Bergmann Associates 
Constructed By: Sealand  Contractors 
Project Description: This  project  addressed one of the busiest, most congested intersections in the City. With the high density residential area in mind, complete street reconstruction,  traffic management features, new signal phasing and new roadway alignment significantly improved traffic flow in the area. The addition of a lush, landscaped median, public art, aesthetic noise walls, and a signature pedestrian bridge  made for a quality urban experience for both pedestrians and drivers. The project successfully enhanced the appearance and functionality of the area. 

The pedestrian bridge connects two neighborhoods while simultaneously welcoming vehicles .


The landscaped median improves the aesthetics of the road while slowing traffic and reducing accidents


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