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City of Rochester

Providing Real Incentives to Maintain Employment (PRIME)

The PRIME (Providing Real Incentives to Maintain Employment) Initiative is an employment readiness program designed to assist adults, ages 18 and over in their search for sustainable employment.  The program is designed to be a stepping stone to obtain a recorded employment history, develop employment skills, and assist Rochester residents in their search for long-term employment with area employers.

Core Program Elements 

  1. Outreach and Recruitment
  2. Assigned Mentor
  3. Assessment Intake (includes Reading & Math Assessment)
  4. Referral to case management
  5. Referral to additional training (employment related training, GED, etc.)
  6. Intense Employment Readiness Training
  7. Paid Vocational (hands On) Training (when available)
  8. Supported Employment Opportunities
  9. Job Development that may lead to full time, permanent employment
  10. Community Service 

Program Outcomes

  1. Training
  2. Increase Employability
  3. Resident City Pride
  4. Educational Development
  5. Advanced Job Development
  6. Confidence

Additional Information

- PRIME is not job placement; it is a process that identifies job-seekers who expressthe mose desire to work hard to be successful

- PRIME is competitive; there are a limited number of opportunities that applicants compete for through the process

- The process includes completing an application, attending an orientation, testing, interviews, selection, and job readiness training

- All steps in the process are mandatory

- Lateness and/or absence from any part of the process may disqualify you from the process

- PRIME is free and eligible to city of Rochester residents only

- All applicants will need a minimum of a high school diploma, GED, or be enrolled in a GED program

- In most cases, drug testing is conducted by employer 

How to Apply

Applications are available at Bureau of Office of Employment Opportunities, Bausch and Lomb Memorial Library Building, 115 South Avenue, Lower Level, Rochester, New York 14604-1002


If you have any questions, call the Office of Employment Opportunities at (585) 428-6288 or 428-6899.




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