Rochester Joint Schools Construction Board


The Right School for Every Child - Facilities Modernization Program


The Rochester City School District is creating a portfolio of high-quality schools for students and families to choose from. Providing the right school for every child means having great schools, great teachers and principals, and a curriculum that ensures every child can do his or her best. Providing state-of-the-art facilities is also part of the equation. The Rochester Schools Modernization Program (RSMP), a $1.2 billion program to upgrade Rochester’s schools, will support the strategies for school improvement outlined in the district’s Strategic Plan.   

Board Structure

The seven-member Rochester Joint Schools Construction Board (RJSCB) oversees the RSMP, which is a joint initiative of the Rochester City School District and the City of Rochester. The RSMP is a three-phase program to update and improve school facilities, and will span 15 years and total approximately $1.2 billion. The program is expected to infuse $325 million into the local economy during Phase 1, making it the largest public project in Rochester’s history.  


Three members are appointed by the School Superintendent, three members are appointed by the Mayor, and one is appointed jointly by the Superintendent and the Mayor.  The Board Chair and Vice Chair are selected by members. Members of the board were selected based on their experience and expertise relevant to the program.   

  • Name & Affiliation  Position  Appointed by  

    Thomas S. Richards
    Former Mayor, City of Rochester

    Chair Superintendent

    Bob Brown 
    Reitred, Laborers Local 435

    Vice-Chair Joint

    Everton Sewell
    Budget Analyst, RCSD    

    Member    Superintendent

    Charles Benincasa
    Director of Finance, City of Rochester

    Treasurer Mayor

    Jose Coronas
    General Partner, Trillium Group

    Member Superintendent
    Aaron Hilger
    President, Builders Exchange of Rochester  
    Member     Mayor

     Christopher Thomas 
    Partner, Nixon Peabody  

    Member     Mayor
    Brian Sanvidge, ICO     non-voting member       hired by Board


Meetings are held generally the first Monday of each month at 1776 North Clinton Avenue. Meetings begin at 4:30 p.m. and the public is welcome to attend. 

Further Information

For additional information concerning the RJSCB, indluding meeting dates, agendas, and related documents, please visit their website or contact: 

Thomas Renauto, Executive Director
Rochester Joint Schools Construction Board
Rochester Schools Modernization Program
1776 North Clinton Avenue
Rochester, NY 14621