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City of Rochester

S. Clinton Ave Water Conduit Modernization Project

About the Project

The  City is undertaking the second phase of a project to replace or rehabilitate two of its large diameter water transmission pipelines located underneath South Clinton Avenue in the Town of Brighton, New York. The project limits extend approximately one mile, from Senator Keating Boulevard south to Brighton Henrietta Town Line Road. Construction of the first phase, from Elmwood Avenue to Senator Keating Boulevard, was completed in 2010.

Three water transmission pipelines (conduits) convey treated water from the City’s Hemlock Lake Water Filtration Plant to the City’s Distribution Reservoirs at Highland and Cobb's Hill Parks a distance of approximately 28 miles. On average, 37 million gallons per day of water is treated at the Filtration Plant and conveyed through the conduits. Only about half of the Hemlock water reaches the city, the other half is consumed by communities along the way.

An engineering study determined that the sections of Conduit 2 and Conduit 3, located along South Clinton Avenue, were most in need of rehabilitation or replacement. Conduit 2, which is a 38-inch diameter riveted steel pipe, was installed in 1894. Conduit 3 was installed between 1916 and 1918 and is a 37-inch diameter Lock-Bar steel pipe. Sections of these pipes were replaced where they cross the Erie Canal and the Interstate 390/590 interchange, when these facilities were constructed.

Preliminary design for this second phase was initiated in November 2011. Design was performed by the City's engineering consultant, Bergmann Associates of Rochester, New York, who is also inspecting the project. Villager Construction, Inc. is the contractor performing this work and they also performed the first phase project. The construction cost is approximately $6.5 million dollars and is being funded by the City of Rochester.

The work will involve installing a new 42" diameter steel water transmission pipe along South Clinton Avenue from a location just south of Brighton Henrietta Town Line Road to the south side of the Erie Canal, and from the north side of the Erie Canal to a location just south of I-590. The existing water mains underneath the Erie Canal and I-590 will be rehabilitated with a cast-in-place pipe (CIPP) liner. After the pipe work has been completed, the pavement on South Clinton Avenue will be milled and resurfaced.

Project Updates

  • Installation of new pipe was substantially completed in March 2014.
  • Installation of CIPP lining under the Canal and I-590/390 will continue through July 2014.
  • Milling and resurfacing of South Clinton Avenue, from Brighton Henrietta Town Line Road to Woodsmeadow Lane will occur during the week of May 12th, weather permitting.
  • Surface restoration outside of pavement areas will continue through August 2014.

Project Materials

Project Timeline (approximate)

  1. Site preparation work: March 2013 - May 2013
  2. Begin pipe and CIPP liner installation: July 2013
  3. One way detour on South Clinton: July & August 2013
  4. Complete pipe and liner work: Summer 2014
  5. Site restoration and milling and resurfacing of South Clinton Avenue: Spring & Summer 2014


Call City project manager, Pat O'Connor, at (585) 428-7881, or email him.

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