City Council Committees

The council President, chosen by the nine members of Council for a two-year term, assigns legislation to one of the Council's five standing committees. The primary function is to review all proposed legislation and to recommend adoption, consideration, or rejection by the entire council, either as written or with amendments. Committees usually meet on the Thursday prior to each monthly council meeting. Call (585) 428-7538 for details about specific meetings.



Carolee Conklin (Chair), Jacklyn Ortiz,  Carla Palumbo,

Committees charge: to review legislation from the Office of Management and Budget, Department of Finance, Library and the Mayor's Office (Mayor, Communications, Office of Public Integrity, Law Information Technology and the Bureau of Human Resource Management). This Committee will also review legislation from the Library.

Neighborhood and Business Development 

Carla Palumbo (Chair), Carolee Conklin Michael Patterson  

Committee charge: to review legislation from the Department of Neighborhood and Business Development, including legislation involving economic development, neighborhood commercial and residential areas, legislation regarding Neighborhood Service Centers and legislation regarding the Rochester Land Bank.

Parks & Public Works 

Matt Haag (Chair), Michael Patterson, Elaine Spaull 

Committee charge: to review legislation from the Department of Environmental Services, including street and water projects and legislation involving our parks.

Public Safety, Youth & Recreation 

Adam McFadden (Chair), Matt HaagElaine Spaull   

Committee charge: to review legislation from the Police, Fire and Emergency Communications, and Recreation and Youth Services Departments.

Arts and Culture  

Elaine M. Spaull (Chair), Adam McFadden, Jacklyn Ortiz  

Committee charge: to review legislation from varying departments that specifically pertains to special events, projects, programs or services that develop and encourage art and culture within our City.

 Ad Hoc Committees:

Education Ad Hoc Committee: Jacklyn Ortiz (Chair), Matt Haag, Adam McFadden 

Employment and Economic Development Ad Hoc Committee:  Loretta Scott (Chair), Dana Miller, Michael Patterson, Carolee Conklin