Lovely A. Warren - Sustaining our Community-Focused Investment Strategy (FIS)

The Focused Investment Strategy is a neighborhood revitalization initiative centered on certain streets in each quadrant of the City. Each area has a three-to-five year plan aimed at improving struggling City blocks by using an existing base of support, such as organized neighbors, or institutional anchors, like the Public Market.

Using FIS, we take a detailed look at neighborhoods, cataloging everything from litter to vacant houses to trees, and build a holistic plan for improving the area. The City is working closely with non-profit housing partners, neighborhood groups, and residents to methodically demolish housing and rehabilitate homes while building neighborhood support, tackling public safety problems, and enhancing commercial areas. Using this approach, we hope to make change take hold; to seed improvements that will grow and expand to neighboring blocks.

In the North East, the Focused Investment Strategy area is in Marketview Heights, where the Public Market plays an important role as a commercial hub for and a gateway to the neighborhood. Marketview Heights has a housing strategy, commercial development plan, and neighborhood management/public safety strategy. Click here for more information on the City’s FIS program.

If you want to learn more or want to get involved, you can call the Department of Neighborhood and Business Development at (585)428-6883 or contact my office so we can connect you with the Neighborhood and Business Development Office. With all of us working together, we can improve the quality of life in our North East neighborhoods and throughout the City.