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City of Rochester

Wildlife at Riverside Cemetery

A Natural Place of Lasting Peace

With its 123 acres bordering open space and the Genesee River, the grounds of Riverside Cemetery provides a natural habitat for many species of wildlife. White tail deer, wild turkey, and a variety of raptors are among the many species that make the cemetery their year-round home. Many species of birds including blue birds and a variety of finches and warblers spend their summers in the cemetery before migrating to warmer climates in fall. 

Riverside-Cemetary-11-4-4   Riverside Blue Bird

Riverside-Cemetary-10-21-16   Riverside-Oriole-Gaudioso   Riverside Deer Portrait

Riverside-Geese-Gaudioso   Riverside-Mallards-Gaudioso

 Riverside 6_26_2012-Veterans Field_Bird on Flag   Riverside 7_22_2012-12-Fawn   Riverside-5-4-2012-Flicker 

 Riverside-5-4-2012-51-Geese   Riverside 7_22_2012-Doe with Fawns

  Riverside-Red-Tail-Hawk   Riverside-Buck   Riverside-Geese-5-4-2012-34  



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