About the Project

The Collegetown project involves the redevelopment of a 14 acre site that includes 1325, 1351, 1371, and 1401 Mount Hope Avenue, 683 Elmwood Avenue, and portions of 100 and 110-170 Crittenden Boulevard. Redevelopment will include the demolition of all existing structures and construction of a new, mixed use development, including retail, office, residential and hotel uses in 5 new multi-story structures. Redevelopment also includes a new 1,525 space parking structure, 464 surface parking spaces, 149 underground parking spaces, and construction of a new east-west street connecting East Drive and Mount Hope Avenue.

The project is currently undergoing Site Plan Review. The applicant has submitted an Environmental Assessment Form (EAF) and supporting documentation as well as a Site Plan application. These documents are available below.

Project Details

  • Address: 1325 Mount Hope Avenue, et al.

Developer Information

  • Developer: Collegetown Rochester LLC, c/o Gilbane Development Company

Download the Documents

Additional Information 

For further information on the economic and community development aspects of the project, please contact: Mark Fitzstevens at 585-428-6153 or

For further information on the regulatory review and permitting of the project, please contact: Tim Raymond at 585-428-7770 or