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City of Rochester

2013 Operation Cool Down


The 2013 Operation Cool Down detail has begun. Mayor Richards created Operation Cool Down last year to enable the Rochester Police Department to take a more proactive role in keeping neighborhoods and citizens safe during the warm weather months.

The Mayor has provided $300,000 in additional funding to the Rochester Police Department from an anticipated surplus in the 2012-13 budget. Additional funding from the State’s Project Impact will be sought to help pay for the operation.

This year’s Cool Down effort will involve the use of focused law enforcement tactics that rely on data-driven analysis of both short and long term trends. The activities will be directed towards known offenders, gangs and specific areas where increased incidences of gun violence have occurred. Cool Down details will consist of three components: place-based, people-based and community outreach initiatives.

Place-based tactics in areas of high firearms violence will include: Cool Down page image

• The use of rolling task forces, which are comprised of four to six police cars patrolling together in addition to multiple officer bike patrols;
• Traffic safety and DWI checkpoints;
• Focused community and residential outreach in person and by telephone; and
• House party details.

People-based (individuals & groups involved in firearms violence) tactics will include:

• Gang enforcement initiative (multi-agency);
• Violent dispute intervention – prevention of retaliatory violence; and
• Operation Impact patrols.

Community engagement tactics will include:

• Police -- community meetings in all 4 quadrants;
• Increased use of hyper-reach reverse 911 system;
• Community appeals to assist with guns and dispute intervention;
• Promoting the use of 428-GUNS for tips;
• Planning a gun buyback; and
• Crimestoppers assistance.

“I think I speak for the community when I say enough is enough,” said Chief Sheppard. “We are going to step up our efforts to crack down on illegal guns and violence. We are not going to let our residents live in fear, nor will we let unruly gangs dictate where our citizens can go and what they can do to enjoy the amenities of our city.”




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