News Release - Statement by Mayor Thomas S. Richards on Problem with Mt. Read Blvd. Traffic Signal Clearance Times

City of Rochester

News Release

(Monday, March 4, 2013) – The N.Y. State Dept. of Transportation notified the City that they discovered a computer glitch in the traffic signals at the Mount Read Boulevard intersections at Driving Park Avenue (southbound only, not including left turns); at Lexington Avenue (northbound only, not including left turns); and at Emerson Street (Southbound only, not including left turns). On one approach of each intersection, the yellow light clearance time was timing at 3.0 seconds when the preferred programmed timing was 4.0 seconds. While 3.0 seconds is legal in accordance with the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices, it is shorter than what would typically be considered in the range of good practice for the travel speed of the corridor. The timing did not affect the left turn traffic signals at these intersections. The times were adjusted to back to 4.0 seconds on Feb. 19 and it is unknown how long the shorter times were in place.

The City does not control traffic light timing and relies on Monroe County and N.Y. State to set and monitor the timing of the traffic signals throughout the city.

The City has red light cameras installed at two of the affected intersections—at Driving Park Avenue and at Emerson Street. I am ordering the following steps to be taken to address the situation:

• The Rochester Police Department (RPD) and the City’s red light camera vendor, Redflex will place on hold all pending violations from the affected intersections. The RPD will review them and cancel all of them that might have been affected by the yellow light issue, giving the benefit of the doubt to the driver.

• The City will allow any person who feels that they may have been aggrieved by the timing to adjudicate or re-open their violations, no matter when the violations may have occurred. This can be done by calling the Parking Violations Bureau at 428-7484.

• The City’s Parking Violations Bureau hearing officers can take into account the timing issue for any adjudications relating to violations that occurred at these intersections.

• The City will issue notices for violations which occurred after 11 a.m., Feb. 19—the time the yellow lights were corrected.


News Media: For more information, contact the Communications Bureau at 428-7135.