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City of Rochester

    2012 Rochester Police Department Community Engagement Report

    In 2011, the Rochester Police Department created, implemented, and effectively utilized dozens of programs designed to maximize its outreach efforts to the Rochester community.  Those efforsts continued in 2012, and the response from citizens, including youth, business owners, clergy, and schools, as well as our officers, has been phenomenal. The Rochester Police Department is proud of its efforts to help make the city a better place for all to enjoy. The 2012 Rochester Police Deparment Community Engagement Report highlights and summarizes some of the innovative efforts used to further our community engagement.


    In 2013, the Rochester Police Department will continue community engagement efforts, building upon our successes and enhancing our existing partnerships.

    For more information contact the Chief's Office at (585) 428-7033.


    Download 2012 Rochester Police Department Community Engagement Report 

    Download 2011 Rochester Police Department Community Engagement Report 



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