Rochester Police Department - Demonstrators Guide


Spirit-of-Service-logoThe Rochester Police Department has prepared the Demonstrators Guide as a courtesy to those individuals or groups planning to engage in lawful demonstrations within the City of Rochester. Each section contains pertinent laws and codes that should help individuals or groups determine what is legally allowable for their purpose. This guide does not include every law and ordinance that may affect you. Laws are only referenced and may be affected by recent court proceedings. Consultation with the Rochester Police Department or an attorney is strongly encouraged before any demonstration is commenced. 

Permits are needed to hold demonstrations in the City of Rochester if the demonstration is going to take place within a public park. If a demonstration will take place on a public street, a Special Event Permit is required. These permits can be obtained from the City of Rochester, Office of Special Events , which is located at City Hall, Room 202A, 30 Church Street, Rochester, NY 14614; telephone number (585) 428-6690.