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City of Rochester

Incentive Program for Public Works Contracts

Incentive Program

The City of Rochester will provide an incentive program for hiring City residents residing in certain City zip codes for public works contracts for which the final contract price is for an amount in excess of $250,000.

The City of Rochester, for public work contracts in excess of $250,000, will provide a monetary incentive equal to 7% of payroll paid to disadvantaged City residents residing in the City in zip codes 14604, 14605, 14608, 14611, 14614, and 14621. A listing of City property addresses in the above listed zip codes is available at the bottom of this page on the City’s web site - www.cityofrochester.gov. The zip codes extend beyond City boundaries, and the employees residing in these zip codes must live in the City for the wages paid to qualify for the incentive payment.

In order to qualify for the incentive, the contractor must prove that more than 17% of the total gross payroll for the project was paid to disadvantage City residents. The maximum incentive under any contract shall not exceed $50,000.


Residence - the term residence shall be deemed to mean that place where a person maintains a fixed, permanent and principal home and to which he(she), wherever temporarily located, always intends to return.

Resident - the individual residing at the residence as heretofore defined.

Disadvantaged City resident - an individual residing at the residence as heretofore defined in City zip codes 14604, 14605, 14608, 14611, 14614, and 14621.

Contractor - the individual, partnership, corporation or joint venture undertaking the execution of the work with the City under the terms of the Contract Documents, and acting directly or through their or its agents or employees. The term contractor shall mean a contractor which directly employees labor under a public works contract, but shall not mean subcontractor.

Total Gross Payroll - the total payroll dollars paid to contractor’s employees working on the project for which the incentive payment is requested.

City Residents Total Gross Payroll - the total payroll dollars paid to City residents residing in prescribed zip codes for work performed on City projects for which a residency incentive is requested. This amount would be reported in box 5 on the W-2.

Documentation Required

To request an incentive payment the contractor must provide to the City Purchasing Agent, 30 Church Street, Room 105-A, Rochester, NY, 14614 upon obtaining certificate of substantial completion and/or final completion/final payment, proof of wages paid to all employees and wages paid to City residents on the Summary of Gross Payroll worksheet (available below). The employee must also sign an Employee Attestation of Address form (available below) attesting to that the address represented is the permanent and principal place of residency. Any false information provided may lead to the contractor’s being found a non-responsible bidder on subsequent City bids.

The contractor shall retain payroll data and make available such records, for random audit by the City, for a period of three years.

The contractor must apply for the residency incentive within 90 days of obtaining a certificate of substantial completion and/or final completion/project completion. The residency incentive will be paid upon submission, review, and approval of information required as per Section 3, Documentation Required.


Incentive Program for Disadvantaged Workers (a .pdf version of the above)

Incentive Program ZIP Codes (.pdf)

Incentive Program Summary of Gross Payroll Worksheet (.xls)

Incentive Program Employee Attestation of Address (.doc)

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