Office of Constituent Services

Miller-Tracey-4-15City residents have a direct link to the Mayor's Office through the Office of Constituent Services.  OCS provides efficient and timely responses to constituent concerns, and promotes effective community relations.   

The office provides information on a variety of issues of concern to constituents, and will make referrals to external agencies and community groups as necessary. OCS is also responsible for faith-based and community outreach projects to enhance the lives of our residents.    

Tracey Miller, Assistant to the Mayor, has worked for the City since 2007 when she began as Legislative Aide to then-Council Member Lovely Warren, and continued in that position when Lovely Warren was elected in 2010 as City Council President.  In that capacity, Tracey oversaw the daily operations of the Northeast District Council Office, focusing on constituent concerns and community outreach.  She assisted the Council President with several of her hallmark accomplishments, including new recruitment strategies that resulted in increasing minority representation in the ranks of the Rochester Police and Fire Departments.  She also worked on the City/County outreach campaign, “Jury Service Makes a Difference,” to increase minority participation in the Monroe County jury pool.

Tracey earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from The State University College at Buffalo, and prior to joining public service at City Hall, she was active in the community, and was instrumental in the planning and development of a children’s play area at the Nathaniel Rochester School #3 in the Corn Hill neighborhood.

Tracey continues her service to the community and its residents as Assistant to Mayor Warren with responsibility for the Office of Constituent Services and as liaison to the faith-based community.  

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Office of Constituent Services
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