FAQ About the Rochester Fire Department Recruitment

 These are a few questions that you may have about the applying to the Rochester Fire Department.  

 How do I become a Firefighter? 

You can become a Rochester Firefighter by signing up on Survey Monkey, located on the Rochester Fire Department - Employment page. By registering on the site, your name will be on a listing that the RFD maintains. When a new testing opportunity is announced, you will be notified about the testing process. You can also stop by  City Hall, 30 Church Street, in room 103A for more information. 

What is the fee to turn in the application? 

The application fee is currently $25.00. This may change at the time of announcement. 

 When is the exam? 

Although the Rochester Fire Department is not recruiting at this time, you can sign up at Survey Monkey to be notified of the next testing date. You can also visit the City of Rochester employment page periodically for future announcements.

 Can I use my veteran's points towards my exam score? 

Yes. When you submit your application you will also have to fill out a Veterans Credit, Form VC1. This form is available from the City's Human Resources Department.

 How will i know where to go to take the exam? 

You will be receiving a letter from the City of Rochester that will give you more details on where and when the exam will be held, as well as other information.

 What is the next step after taking the exam? 

You will be contacted by the City of Rochester with more information.

 I have a Rochester mailing address. Does that mean I live in the City? 

Not necessarily. To find out if you live within the City limits, go to maps.cityofrochester.gov/propinfo and enter you address in "Find Address".

 Do I need any previous firefighting experience? 

No previous experience is required. Successful candidates will receive full training after hire.

 What will my work schedule look like? 

As a line firefighter, you will work three 10 hour days with 2 days off, then three 14 hour nights followed by four days off.

 What's the starting salary for a firefighter? 

The starting salary for a firefighter is currently $41,327 with top pay at $72,168 after five years. (Subjective to collective bargaining agreement.)

 Is there room for advancement? 

Yes, after four (4) years of employment you are eligible to take promotional exams.