RFP - RPR Services for Ryan Center

Request for Proposals  for RPR Services for the Renovations to Thomas P. Ryan Community Center

The City of Rochester Architecture and Engineering Bureau is requesting proposals from firms with interest in providing resident project representation (RPR) services for Renovations to Thomas P. Ryan Community Center.

Services will include providing a full time NICET IV or III level or equivalent resident engineer and NICET I or II level or equivalent inspector for the duration of the project as needed. The personnel would work under the supervision of a City project manager and perform technical duties associated with the project. These duties would include: observation of construction activities; coordination of shop drawing and design approvals; preparation of daily construction reports; and coordination between the Rochester City School District (RCSD), and the City project managers.

View the RFP for RPR Services for the Renovations to Thomas P. Ryan Community Center
View the Draft Professional Services Agreement for RPR Services for the Renovations to Thomas P. Ryan Community Center

Agreement Duration

The agreement will begin upon commencement of construction activities related to the project. Currently anticipated project schedule: construction start in June, 2018 and construction end in August, 2018 

Project Description

The Rochester City School District (RCSD) will bid and administer a contract titled: “Renovations to Thomas P. Ryan Jr. Community Center and Audubon School No. 33 (RCSD Project). The RCSD Project will include the installation of air conditioning for the gymnasium in School No. 33 and for the gymnasium in the City’s adjacent Thomas P. Ryan R-Center (the” Project”).

The Thomas P. Ryan R-Center work includes, but is not limited to: demolition and removals, installation of new HVAC equipment, main electrical service upgrades, and building renovations related to the work. Work in the Project will be done under some or all of the four (4) prime contracts of the RCSD Project: General Construction Work; HVAC Work; Plumbing Work; and Electrical Work.

RPR services under this agreement will only be for observation of work related to the Thomas P. Ryan R-Center portion of the RCSD Project. All other work in the RCSD Project will be administered by RCSD or their representatives. RCSD will be responsible for management of the RCSD Project including the Thomas P. Ryan R-Center portion, design consultants and contractors. All work related to preparation of payments and change orders for both the RCSD Project and the Thomas P. Ryan R-Center portion of the work will be performed by RCSD or their representatives.


Proposal Submission

Proposals are due 5:00 P.M., Friday, November 17, 2017.

Submission should be an emailed digital copy (PDF) of the proposal, do not send disks or drives. A paper copy of the submission is not required.

Questions should be directed to:

Sam Priem
Managing Engineer, Construction
Department of Environmental Services
Architecture and Engineering Bureau
City Hall Room 300B
30 Church Street
Rochester, NY 14614-1290
Phone: 585.428.6704