Conduit 2 East Rehabilitation Project

About the Project

The  City is undertaking a project to rehabilitate approximately 6,400 feet of 36-inch diameter water transmission pipeline located underneath portions of South Clinton, Highland and Monroe Avenues in the Town of Brighton and City of Rochester, New York. This pipeline is referred to as "Conduit 2 East". The work limits on South Clinton Avenue are between Suburban Court and Highland Avenue. On Highland Avenue the work limits are from South Clinton Avenue to Monroe Avenue. The limits on Monroe Avenue are from Highland Avenue to the Cobbs Hill Reservoir Lower Gatehouse.

Conduit 2 East is used to supply water to Cobbs Hill Reservoir, City customers and Monroe County Water Authority (MCWA) customers in the Town of Brighton.

This water main rehabilitation work will involve cleaning the interior of the main to remove rust and other deposits and then applying a cement mortar lining to prevent rust and other deposits from reforming. This work is being undertaken to improve water quality, increase flow capacity and extend the useful life of the pipe.

While this main is being rehabilitated, customers are being supplied with water from nearby MCWA water mains. Consequently, no water service interruptions to City or MCWA customers are anticipated.

In order to perform this work, the City's Contractor, Spiniello Companies, and their subcontractor, Mainlining America, will excavate access pits over the water main at 600-foot to 900-foot intervals. Since the water main is located along the east edge of South Clinton Avenue, along the north edge of pavement on Highland Avenue and in the middle of Monroe Avenue, these excavations will be partially or entirely located within the roadway. All roads are to remain open to traffic during construction. However, at times, it may be necessary for the contractor to use flag persons to maintain alternating two-way traffic, particularly when work is performed along Highland Avenue. At the end of each work day, excavations will be covered with steel road plates. All paved areas, sidewalks and grass areas disturbed by the contractor will be restored upon completion of this work.

Any problems resulting from this work should be reported to our Dispatch Office at 428-7500. 

Project Updates

  • Work was substantially completed in early December 2014. Some surface restoration work will occur during spring 2015.

Project Materials

Project Timeline (approximate)

  1. Mobilization - late August 2014
  2. Begin Work - early September 2014
  3. Complete Work - December, 2014


Call City project manager, Pat O'Connor, at (585) 428-7881, or email him.