City of Rochester 2012 Lead Hazard Control Program


The City of Rochester Lead Hazard Control Program provides financial assistance to privately-held 1-4 unit residential structures located in the City of Rochester to control lead based paint hazards. Both landlords and owner-occupants are eligible.

Assistance will be provided as follows: $14,000 for a 1-unit structure, $20,000 for a 2-unit structure, $26,000 for a 3-unit structure; and $32,000 for a 4-unit structure.

Funds will be provided in the form of a 5-year deferred loan. All applicants and properties must be approved for the program per HUD requirements. The City will provide funds for lead hazard control to include, but not limited to: window & door replacement, porch repair / replacement, paint stabilization, and remediation of bare soil. Assistance will vary with the needs of the property.

Click here to view the Program Policies.

Below, are informational brochures available for your review.  Or, you can contact one of the following agencies for more information about how to apply to the program:

Action for a Better Community                   Neighborworks Rochester
550 E. Main St.                                        570 South Ave.  
Rochester, NY 14604                               Rochester, NY 14620
585-325-5116                                       585-325-4170

Landlord                                   Homeowner

Lead Landlord Brochure.pdf                    Lead Homeowner Brochure.pdf 

Lead Landlord Spanish Brochure.pdf        Lead Homeowner Spanish Brochure.pdf