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City of Rochester

How to get a review hearing for Mt. Read red light tickets

To schedule a review hearing for red-light camera tickets at affected Mt. Read intersections only:

  • Make sure you have red-light tickets for these intersections:

    o Mt. Read and Driving Park Avenue (southbound only, not including left turns)
    o Mt. Read and Emerson Street (southbound only, not including left turns)

  • Call (585) 428-7484.

  • Give the person you speak with:

    o the name of the registered owner of the vehicle receiving a ticket
    o the registered owner's address and phone number
    o license plate number
    o ticket number

  • State if you want:

    o a regular hearing (you come in to speak with a hearing examiner)
    o an ex-parte hearing (a ticket is reviewed and a decision in writing is sent to you without you being present)

  • Please note: if you don't have a ticket number, we can get it, but a ticket number lets us schedule a hearing in a timely manner.

  • Scheduling is in process for hearing dates starting about the middle of April. You will receive a notice in the mail within two to three weeks.

  • No ticket dismissals or refunds are automatic. A review hearing is required to determine if dismissals or refunds of fines are necessary.

  • We cannot guarantee a specific hearing date and time and cannot guarantee ticket dismissals or refunds.

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