Bulls Head Revitalization Plan Project

Bulls Head Revitalization Plan

The City is currently undertaking master-planning activities for the redevelopment of the approximately 14 acre site.  The site currently consists of both publicly and privately held properties.  The City is working with Sector 4 CDC to submit a NYSDOS BOA grant for additional planning and analysis activities. Upon award of the grant, the City will lead the process for the planning and analysis work in order to finalize a redevelopment master plan and urban renewal plan for Bull's Head. After the master-planning is completed and an urban renewal plan is adopted by City Council, land assembly activities will begin.  Upon completion of land assembly and any associated environmental remediation, the City will subsequently issue an RFP for the redevelopment of the site. 

Street Address: 900 West Main
Project Type: Commercial, Office, Retail
Project Status: Proposed
Developer(s): TBD
Development Cost: TBD
City Investment:  Submitting a NYSDOS BOA grant application, completion of an urban renewal plan, future land assembly, environmental remediation and future RFP for the purchase and redevelopment of the site.
City Contact Name: Rick Rynski
City Contact Email: rynskir@cityofrochester.gov
City Contact Phone: 585-428-6932