BOA Vacuum Oil Project

BOA Vacuum Oil

The Vacuum Oil BOA project site is a collection of public and privately held properties along the west bank of the Genesee River between the Ford St. bridge and the abandoned railroad bridge connecting to the UofR river campus. The City (DES) has received a joint NYSDES/NYSDEC BOA grant to undertake master-planning activities for this site. The City (DES) issued an RFP in 2010 to hire a consultant to assist in the planning process. Environmental remediation will be necessary and preliminary study was completed in 2011. Further planning and study scheduled for 2012.

Street Address: 100 Riverview Place
Project Type: TBD
Project Status: Proposed
Developer(s): TBD
Development Cost: N/A
City Investment: Environmental survey
City Contact Name: Mark Gregor
City Contact Email:
City Contact Phone: 585 428-5878