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City of Rochester

Rochester Police Department Reorganization

Proposed Patrol Sections   

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Mayor Lovely A. Warren and Rochester Police Chief Michael Ciminelli presented a plan to re-organize the Rochester Police Department to create a five-section patrol model that would return Officers to a neighborhood beat structure so they can engage in true community policing activities. Read the plan. 

Community Meetings

Mayor Warren and Police Chief Michael Ciminelli are conducting community input meetings to discuss the proposed, new five-section policing model and ways the Rochester Police Department can create stronger relationships within the community. One meeting will be held in each of the proposed new sections.

The meetings will take place from 6 to 7:30 p.m. and are scheduled as follows:

  • Tuesday, May 6: Thomas P. Ryan Community Center, 530 Webster Ave.
  • Tuesday, May 13: Staybridge Suites, 1000 Genesee St.
  • Thursday, May 15: RPD Patrol Division East Office, 630 North Clinton Ave.
  • Tuesday, May 20: Public Safety Building auditorium, 185 Exchange Blvd.
  • Thursday, May 22: Aquinas High School, 1127 Dewey Ave.

Those who are unable to attend the community meetings may provide input here. 

The Goals

The primary benefit of the reorganization is a closer and more harmonious relationship between the community and RPD; as well as achieving an overall more effective policing model. The effort is responsive to both the expressed desires of the community for neighborhood policing, as well as an internal push from the rank and file officers to return to single car beats. 

Chief Ciminelli and his team have delivered a preliminary framework, which the Mayor has approved, to plan for for a phased-in “reorganization in place” five-section model to begin implementation in fiscal year 2014/15.

All five sections have been structured to maintain neighborhood identity and balance workload. When complete, the plan will feature similar beat and staffing structures across all districts; and will allow for flexibility in staffing for community engagement, proactive policing and improved community/police relations.

The goals of the reorganization are to:

  • Maintain and exceed current levels of service
  • Increase community policing initiatives
  • Connect officers to smaller, neighborhood-based patrol beats thereby increasing familiarity among officers and those served
    Decentralize police services to neighborhoods
  • Build an analytical model that allows flexibility for continual evaluation and adjustment
  • Preserve long-term financial sustainability


Neighborhood-based patrol beats will be designed within smaller sections to maintain neighborhood integrity and connect individual officers to specific, smaller, neighborhood-based beats.

The next phase of the planning process will create similar beat and staffing structures which will balance workloads.

“Reorganizing in place” will be cost-effective for the initial implementation since there are no capital costs for building acquisitions, and only limited cost for building renovation and technology infrastructure. While some additional costs are likely (additional supervisory positions, cars, etc), this design will allow RPD to staff the new model at or close to the current (FY 2013/14) authorized sworn strength. The plan also maximizes the City’s investment in the Sibley Building.

While administrative functions will remain housed in the current facilities, police operations will return to the neighborhood level. The plan will also create new section-level identities.

The plan is built around a process that allows flexibility for continual evaluation and adjustment—which is critical for a phased-in implementation. The data analysis tools created by the Core Reorganization Team will be used to produce similar beat and staffing structures; and establish an analytical model for future evaluation and adjustment.

A phased-in implementation plan will spread the full cost over several budget years. 

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