City of Rochester Search Result Rss 12:00:00 AM&maxdatecreated=12/29/2029 6:41:17 AM&datesearchfield=Event_Start_Date&categories=119 Second Saturdays at Mount Hope Cemetery: September 14, 2013 Volunteering at Mount Hope Cemetery City of Rochester 8/16/2013 North Winton Village Festival of the Arts: September 14, 2013 <font size=&quot;2&quot;>Plan a fun Saturday visiting the Festival of the Arts! Enjoy art, music and food in North Winton Village. </font> City of Rochester 9/13/2013 Mount Hope Cemetery Public Tour of South Section: September 14, 2013 Mount Hope Cemetery walking tour. City of Rochester 8/19/2013 Mount Hope Cemetery Tour-Geology at Mount Hope Cemetery: September 14, 2013 Tour focusing on the geology of the Rochester region City of Rochester 5/31/2013 Mount Hope Cemetery Public Tour of North Section: September 15, 2013 Mount Hope Cemetery walking tour. City of Rochester 8/19/2013 Hispanic Heritage Month 2013 Kickoff Join Rochester's Hispanic Heritage Committee as we kickoff another great month of activities to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. City of Rochester 9/13/2013 Voice of the Citizen - Budgeting for Public Safety: September 16, 2013 The Voice of the Citizen (VOC) series is a tool used by the City to reach out to residents for their input when it comes to issues that matter to them, like the budget and public safety. City of Rochester 8/16/2013 City Planning Commission Meeting: September 16, 2013 City Planning Commission Meeting. This seven-member commission's primary responsibility is to prepare and recommend a Comprehensive Plan to the City Council, and subsequently to review and recommend changes to the Official Map and other aspects of the Comprehensive Plan. <span class=&quot;Apple-style-span&quot; style=&quot;WIDOWS: 2; TEXT-TRANSFORM: none; TEXT-INDENT: 0px; BORDER-COLLAPSE: separate; FONT: medium &amp;quot;Times New Roman&amp;quot;; WHITE-SPACE: normal; ORPHANS: 2; LETTER-SPACING: normal; COLOR: rgb(0,0,0); WORD-SPACING: 0px; font-size-adjust: none; font-stretch: normal&quot;><span class=&quot;Apple-style-span&quot; style=&quot;TEXT-ALIGN: left; FONT-FAMILY: &amp;quot;Lucida Sans Unicode&amp;quot;, &amp;quot;Lucida Grande&amp;quot;, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; COLOR: rgb(85,85,85); FONT-SIZE: 12px&quot;>They also review and decide on several matters, including proposed public projects, amendments to the Zoning Code, applications for special use permits, and other major land use proposals. </span></span> City of Rochester 1/3/2013 Public Meeting - Avenue D Recreation Center Field Improvements The purpose of this public information meeting is to discuss preliminary design of play improvements to the Avenue D recreation center. City of Rochester 8/27/2013 City Council Meeting: Sept. 17, 2013 <p><span>City Council meetings are generally held on Tuesday nights, once a month. Prior to the start of the actual Council meeting, each month there is a &quot;Speak to Council&quot; session that begins at 6:30 p.m., followed by the actual City Council meeting at 7:30 p.m.</span> </p> <p> </p> City of Rochester 4/2/2013