City of Rochester Search Result Rss 12:00:00 AM&maxdatecreated=10/22/2031 9:24:55 PM&datesearchfield=DateCreated&categories= Rochester Police Department Police Officer Requirements <p>Rochester Police Department requirements for job appointment</p> City of Rochester 9/29/2015 Rochester Police Department Police Academy <p>The RPD police academy is a local academy that is held at the Monroe County Public Safety Training Facility on Scottsville Rd. Students generally attend the police academy Monday thru Friday 8am to 4 pm. The police academy is the</p> City of Rochester 12/30/2013 News Release - Mayor, City Council, Police Chief and Officers’ Union Agree to Bring Body Cameras to Rochester Police Department <strong>(Thursday, Dec. 18, 2014) –</strong> Mayor Lovely A. Warren, City Council President Loretta Scott, Police Chief Michael Ciminelli, City Council Public Safety Committee Chairman Adam McFadden and Locust Club President Michael Mazzeo announced today that the Rochester Police Department has taken the first steps to equip Rochester Police officers with body cameras, a move that will further protect the public and officers. City of Rochester 12/18/2014 Rochester Police Department Office of the Chief of Police <p>The Office of the Chief of Police consists of the Chief of Police, the Chief's personal staff and the Public Information Officer. </p> City of Rochester 10/20/2016 Rochester Police Department Annual Reports <p>The Rochester Police Department produces an annual report that highlights our priorities and accomplishments for the year. </p> City of Rochester 5/16/2016 Rochester Police Department Professional Standards Section Annual Report <p>The Rochester Police Department’s Professional Standards Section presents its Annual Report.</p> City of Rochester 3/30/2016 Rochester Police Department Neighborhood Sections <p>Mayor Lovely A. Warren and Rochester Police Chief Michael Ciminelli are moving forward with the Rochester Police Department Reorganization Plan, which returns Officers to a neighborhood beat structure so they can engage in true community policing activities The plan will replace the current two-division patrol model with a five-section model that gives individual Officers smaller areas of responsibility, thus enabling them to spend more time engaging citizens.</p> <p> </p> City of Rochester 1/22/2016 Police Dispatch <p>This how a call is dispatched to the Police Department after the 911 Telecommunicator has taken and entered the information.</p> City of Rochester 9/19/2013 Body Worn Camera Project - Rochester Police Department <p>Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren has worked with the Rochester Police Department (RPD) to make improvement of police-community relations a top priority. Moving forward towards this goal, the RPD Body-Worn Camera (BWC) initiative is key.</p> City of Rochester 10/14/2016