News Release - Rochester Crime Rate Falls to 39 Year Low as RPD Makes Progress through Community Engagement

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News Release 

~Crime Down 27 percent on Mayor Warren’s Watch~

(Thursday, April 4, 2019) – Mayor Lovely A. Warren and Police Chief Mark Simmons released a report today that shows Rochester’s crime rate at its lowest point in at least 34 years as the Police Department continues to build trust through community engagement.

“Our latest crime statistics are a testament to the dedication and bravery of the Rochester Police Department and the citizens of Rochester who are actively engaged in our efforts to create safer and more vibrant neighborhoods,” said Mayor Warren. “These numbers tell me that community-engagement is not just a feel-good approach to policing. Community engagement saves lives.”

The 2018 crime statistics show Part 1 crimes, those deemed most serious by the FBI, fell to the lowest point since 1985, the earliest year crime data is posted on the FBI website. There were 8,618 Part 1 crimes in 2018, the first time in since 1985 that the total fell below 9,000.

There were 28 homicides in 2018, the same total as 2017, which marks the first time in 39 years that there were fewer than 30 homicides for two consecutive years.

The 2018 Part 1 crime total is 27 percent lower than the 11,808 total for 2013, the year before Mayor Warren took office. It is16 percent lower than the five year average number (10,264) of Part 1 crimes for the five years prior to 2018.

The crime trends indicate that the RPD’s efforts to build trust through community engagement is playing a critical role in reducing the crime rate. For instance, the homicide clearance rate for 2018 was 88 percent, which is more than 25 percent above the national average for 2017 (the most recent statistic available). The clearance rate indicates investigators are able to gather valuable information from the community to make an arrest.

Shootings declined for a third straight year, indicating that the RPD’s strategy to focus on disputes – which account for about 60 percent of shootings – has been effective.

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