2021 Summer Recreation Programs

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  2021 Summer Recreation Programs

 "Every summer tells a story. This summer, I invite you and your family to try a new sport, create a masterpiece, and meet new friends from across the city.  No matter the interest, kids and families can keep their summer fun and engaging by taking advantage of everything we have to offer.  Create your best summer story with us! " - Mayor Lovely A. Warren

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 Become an R-Central Member!
Becoming an R-Central member will give you access to all recreation programs and facilities: fitness centers, gyms, top-notch athletics and arts programs, computer labs, game rooms, youth leadership opportunities, and more!  Click here to apply.

R-Center Programming 
Throughout the summer, the City R-Centers provide an engaging and nurturing environment for city youth in grades K-12. Kids can enjoy an array of educational programs, fitness and arts activities, and enjoy a free hot dinner and more.

R-Super Camps 
Sign your child up for a fun and active summer at the City of Rochester’s Super Camps! A diverse group of friends, caring staff, affordable prices and convenient locations are just a few reasons to choose R-Super Camps this summer. Get started now and don’t miss out on these great programs, they fill up fast! To sign-up, go to www.cityofrochester.gov/R-Central

Earth Explorers 
Rochester boasts a rich natural environment which makes a wonderful outdoor classroom. This unique program immerses kids in nature where they learn by doing. Outdoor adventures include nature hikes, field trips and recycling/composting projects. Kids get involved in gardening at R-Center gardens and cook with the food they grow. For more email Stephanie.Benway@cityofrochester.gov

Youth Voice, One Vision: The Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council 
Interested in making sure that youth voice is heard in Rochester? YVOV is a group of young people that represent the voice and issues of the youth in Rochester. Members work together to create opportunities, events and activities that inspire the community in a positive way. For more information email Tremain.Harris@CityofRochester.Gov

Girls Circle (Co-Ed ages 9 - 18)
A group dedicated to empowering young women through girl centered programming that promotes sisterhood, cultivates leadership and supports young women to achieve their full potential. Activities include weekly meetings, field trips and city-wide Girls Circle gatherings. For more information, contact your local R-Center.

Boys Council (Boys ages 9 - 18) 
A group dedicated to empowering young men through male-centered programming that promotes brotherhood, cultivates leadership and supports young men to achieve their full potential. Activities include weekly meetings, field trips and city-wide Boys Council gatherings. For more information, contact your local R-Center.

Summer LEAP is a six-week summer program that focuses on providing high quality summer
enrichment to students in the Rochester area in order to work towards providing more equitable educational experiences for all children. The goal is to increase student’s literacy and math knowledge by using the arts, science, and project-based learning. A low student-to teacher ratio along with field trips, swim lessons, and group activities increases the children's knowledge and confidence in a fun and educational setting. For more information, contact Cynthia Rochet 585-428-1170.

 R.I.S.E. (Reach Inside, Strive for Excellence): RISE is a communitywide collaboration to promote healthy behaviors through handson experiences. The programs and activities of RISE derive from evidence-based sexuality curricula delivered in high school and community settings. The programs focus on risk reduction through abstinence and safer sex practices, positive peer pressure and youth advocacy, and increased access to health care, information and treatment. For more information, visit www.cityofrochester.gov/RISE or email RISE@cityofrochester.gov

ROCmusic Summer Academy (Co-ed ages 7-18) 
A collaboration between ROCmusic and ArtID. International Students will be instructed on how to constructively discuss race & racism and how to arrange and compose a composition that the group will perform at the end of program. Students can have breakfast, lunch and recess time at the R-Center. This program is open to any city resident, ages 7 – 18 (must have played an instrument for at least one year). For more information contact Armand Hall 585- 428-9944, armand.hall@cityofrocheter.gov.

ROCmusic Preparatory program (Co-ed ages 6-8)
First and second grade students who would like to join ROCmusic to learn the Violin can get a head start by taking this twice a week class. The students will be given their first violin, taught the basics and will have a mini recital at the end of the six-week program. For more information contact Armand Hall 585- 428-9944, armand.hall@cityofrocheter.gov