Bull's Head Revitalization Project

Bull's Head Revitalization Project


Bull’s Head marks the historic western gateway to downtown, centered on the convergence of West Main Street, Brown Street, West Avenue, Chili Avenue and Genesee Street. Bull’s Head has been identified by the City as a priority area for neighborhood revitalization. Despite Bull’s Head rich and diverse cultural heritage, the area is currently characterized by blighted conditions, a disproportionately high percentage of vacant and/or underutilized buildings and lots, and a significant number of sites with documented and/or suspected environmental concerns.

In 2009, the City undertook a Bull’s Head community input/planning process to bring neighborhood-wide community concerns to the surface as well as to identify potential opportunities to address those concerns. As a part of that process, the City hosted a Bull’s Head Community Design Workshop on September 26, 2009. The workshop was well attended and helped to establish the foundation upon which, further revitalization planning for Bull’s Head continues.

Bull’s Head Brownfield Opportunity Area

The New York State Department of State’s (NYSDOS) Brownfield Opportunity Areas Grant Program (BOA) provides communities with guidance, expertise and financial assistance, up to 90 percent of the total eligible project costs, to complete revitalization and implementation strategies for neighborhoods or areas affected by brownfields. The NYSDOS BOA Program is a 3-step process that enables communities to comprehensively assess existing economic and environmental conditions associated with brownfield blight and impacted areas, identify and prioritize community supported redevelopment opportunities, and attract public and private investment.

In order to best facilitate revitalization planning for Bull’s Head, the City pursued a NYSDOS BOA Step 2 Nomination grant application. For inclusion in and as a prerequisite to the Step 2 application, the City completed a Bull’s Head BOA (BHBOA) Step 1 Pre-Nomination Study, based in part on the 2009 Bull’s Head community input/planning effort. The purpose of the BHBOA Study was to develop viable brownfield strategies, to build on existing community assets and recent redevelopment successes, and ultimately, to create job opportunities leading to area-wide revitalization. Over 60 potential brownfield sites were identified within the proposed BHBOA boundary and the findings of the Study clearly illustrated the need for more planning and analysis towards redevelopment in the area.

The City subsequently received award of the $284,745 BOA Step 2 Nomination grant. The objective of the BHBOA Step 2 project is to create and implement a revitalization plan to reposition Bull’s Head as a vital community with enhanced job/business opportunities, quality housing and improved public amenities. The BHBOA Step 2 grant will enable the City to complete the nomination phase activities including: collecting additional data; identifying market conditions, and evaluating future development potential; and completing a Bull’s Head community revitalization plan. Continued community engagement is a key component of the BHBOA Step 2 planning process.

Participation in the NYSDOS BOA Program seeks to help to stimulate further investment in the neighborhood and will provide important information to assist in bringing new businesses, residents and employment as well as improved public amenities such as transportation infrastructure.

Project Purpose and Overview

The BHBOA Step 2 process will result in a revitalization plan for the over-all study area. The plan will ultimately be utilized as a guide to advance subsequent BHBOA Step 2 and Step 3 efforts to reposition Bull’s Head as a vital and thriving community with a renewed sense of identity. The revitalization plan will also identify strategic sites within the study area where more detailed analyses and site-specific revitalization planning is warranted. 

Community Engagement

The BHBOA Step 2 planning process will include on-going community engagement with multiple venues for public input and information sharing. As the project advances, project related public forums will be announced and advertised in an effort to maintain a high level of community involvement. Continued community involvement is critical to ensuring that the planning process is successful and that the revitalization plan reflects a community supported vision. The Community Participation Plan provides general guidelines for community engagement during the planning process.

A Project Advisory Committee (PAC) will meet periodically throughout the duration of the project to assist with input on the various project components as they are addressed. PAC meeting presentations and summaries as well as other project related materials are made available to the public on this webpage and in hardcopy format at the following location:

Monroe County Library System - Arnett Branch Library
310 Arnett Boulevard, Rochester, NY 14619
For hours of operation, please call the branch or visit the branch webpage

Bull's Head BOA Designation Application Documents

To view the City of Rochester's Bull's Head BOA Designation Application click here>>>

To view the Bull's Head BOA Designation Application Revitalization Plan Appendices click here>>>

Project Materials for Review

 PAC Meeting #1 (December 7, 2016)  

PAC Meeting #2 (June 22, 2017) 

 PAC Meeting #3 (August 22, 2018)  

 PAC Meeting #4 (June 17, 2019)  

PAC Meeting #5 (November 25, 2019)  

Public Meeting #1 (July 27, 2017)  

 Public Meeting #2 (September 6, 2018)  

Public Meeting #3 (June 26, 2019)  

Bull's Head Urban Renewal Planning Process

Rochester City Council approved the Bull's Head Urban Renewal Plan on July 24, 2018.  Click the link below to review a copy of the approved plan: 

BH Development Plan 2020

Upcoming Events

The Bull's Head Revitalization Project is on-going with periodic public meetings and other related events. The previous public meeting for Bull’s Head revitalization was held on Wednesday, June 26, 2019. Please check this posting periodically for any upcoming Bull’s Head Revitalization Project public meetings and events. 


If you have questions about the project or would like more information, please contact:

Rick Rynski
Associate Administrative Analyst
Neighborhood and Business Development Department
City of Rochester