Andreas Rau, Executive Staff Assistant

Andreas Rau, Executive Staff AssistantAndreas Rau is an Executive Staff Assistant in the Mayor's Office of Constituent Services.

Liaison to the LGBT Community

Since being appointed by Mayor Warren as her Liaison to the Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender Community, Andreas Rau has brought attention to City Hall about the concerns of the LGBT Community.

Rau was instrumental in bringing awareness of the Transgender Community’s issues of discrimination to Mayor Warren’s attention, which led to a well-publicized campaign by Mayor Warren to support the passage of GENDA (Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act) in the New York State Legislature. He has also represented the mayor at the annual “Transgender Day of Remembrance.”

Rau has represented the mayor at, and been a contributor to, LGBT youth scholarship fundraisers, such as the annual RISE Brunch held at the Rochester Yacht Club.  Rau has also supported the establishment of a local freestanding LGBT headquarters, which he visits regularly to distribute the latest City Hall literature that benefits city residents.

He attends SAGE (Support and Advocacy for Gay Elders) events and has conducted meetings to inform gay senior citizens about the benefits of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), helping them to apply for SNAP benefits, and personally delivering the completed applications to the Monroe County DHS offices.  Rau regularly attends discussions regarding the concerns of gay seniors (e.g., health insurance, wills, and living situations) and is currently working with the Gay Alliance to hold a Gay Seniors Health Fair in the spring of 2017, to continue to address these issues.

Rau is currently working with the Gay Alliance and the Landmark Society to compile a list of historically noteworthy sites and businesses that are linked to the local LGBT Community, both past and present.

Rau also points out that since Mayor Warren’s election, Rochester has scored 100% on the Municipal Equality Index, which reflects the work that Mayor Warren has done on behalf of the LGBT Community to make Rochester as inclusive and welcoming a city as possible.

Mayor Warren, in conjunction with City Councilmember Matt Haag, was responsible for adding transgender medical services for city employees and their families who are enrolled in the City’s “enhanced” medical plan, which went into effect January 1, 2015.

Furthermore, on Sunday, June 12, 2016, Mayor Warren issued a statement condemning the mass shooting that occurred the previous night in an Orlando gay bar. Mayor Warren also spoke about that incident at a gathering in Genesee Valley Park and joined hundreds of members of the LGBT Community in sympathy, support and solidarity at the Bachelor Forum the following Monday.

If you would like to learn more about Mayor Warren’s efforts on behalf of Rochester’s LGBT Community, please contact Andreas Rau at 585-428-6745 or e-mail him at

Healthy Living For Seniors Made Easy

Andreas Rau became aware that 74% of Monroe County’s Senior Citizens (people ages 60 and over) qualify for SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program), the successor of food stamps, but do not apply for them, overstretching their limited resources and often going without healthy, nutritious meals. Rau learned that there is a stigma attached to SNAP benefits, which some people equate with welfare benefits. He felt that it was necessary to educate people about the availability of SNAP benefits and to inform them that it is not welfare.

Rau brought his concerns to the mayor, who encouraged him to inform the public about SNAP benefits.

Partnering with FoodLink, the Public Market, the Monroe County Office for the Aging, Lifespan and LawNY, Rau engaged in an ambitious plan to get the word out about SNAP benefits. He has conducted informational sessions at senior high-rise apartments and health fairs, helping people complete SNAP applications and delivering them to Monroe County DHS; distributing flyers about SNAP to his weekly neighborhood association meetings and during his bi-weekly walks through the city; and taking requests for SNAP applications via his phone at work.

Liaison to the International Community

Andreas Rau works with the international community to promote a smoother integration into Rochester while working to preserve their cultural uniqueness which has been one of our city’s greatest strengths.

The son of Eastern European refugees, Rau has represented the mayor and participated in various cultural events sponsored by the international community.  He has met with the leaders of various international groups and brought their concerns home to City Hall, where he is currently City Hall’s contact for Catholic Charities regarding immigration and refugee issues.