Hudson Ave and St Paul St Project

2020 Preventive Maintenance Contract – Northeast Group 9

This is a federal aid project are being administered by the City of Rochester under agreement with the NYSDOT. The 2020 Preventive Maintenance Contract – Northeast Group 9 includes the following streets:

Hudson Avenue (North Street to Route 104); and
St. Paul Street (Central Avenue to Gorham Street)

The scope of the work consists of milling and resurfacing of the above streets, including repair of the existing pavement base where needed, adjustment of water valve and sewer castings, resetting or installing new granite curbs as needed, replacement of hazardous sidewalks, alteration or replacement of sidewalk handicap ramps to bring into ADA compliance where it is feasible to do within the existing Right of Way, installation of pavement markings and replacement of traffic loops.

Construction is scheduled to take place in 2020.

Project documents



Questions should be emailed to the City's project manager, Mr. Timothy Hubbard.