Northeast Resurfacing Project

The City of Rochester’s Street Maintenance division will be milling resurfacing a small group of residential city streets in the summer of 2018. 

  • Chapin St (Portland Ave to Midland Ave)
  • Grafton St (Portland Ave to Ziegler St)
  • Jackson St (Portland Ave to the east end)
  • Midland Ave (Randolph St to Norton St)
  • Norran Dr (Randolph St to Norton St)
  • Oneida St (Portland Ave to Ziegler St)
  • Pomeroy St (Portland Ave to Midland Ave)

This project will only address the pavement of these streets, sidewalk and curb work is nor anticipated for this project.



Milling will begin on July 30, 2018 and streets are anticipated to be repaved by mid August. 



 Call the City's project manager, Mr. Jason Nabewaniec, at (585) 428-8858, or email him.