News Release - RCSD/East to Coordinate Security Planning for School Events with RPD


City of Rochester

Rochester City School District

East High School Educational Partnership Organization 

News Release

(Monday, Sept. 17, 2018) – Following a meeting today to discuss the events that occurred at the soccer stadium over the weekend, Mayor Lovely A. Warren, Superintendent of Rochester City Schools Barbara Deane-Williams and Shaun Nelms, Superintendent of the Educational Partnership Organization at East High School, agreed that security staff from the Rochester City School District Administration and East High School will begin to directly involve the Rochester Police Department (RPD) in security planning for major sporting and other school events.

Much like it currently does for other city special events, festivals and concerts, the RPD will now coordinate throughout the year with school officials to ensure these events have comprehensive security plans that include police input and approval.
Participants in this morning’s meeting included Mayor Warren; Superintendents Deane-Williams and Nelms; Interim Police Chief Mark Simmons; members of the Rochester Police Department Command Staff; members of City of Rochester and Rochester City School District (RCSD) Senior Management Staff; and Board of Education Commissioners Natalie Sheppard and Melanie Funchess. 

The Mayor and the Superintendents made it clear that safety and security issues at school functions must always be of the foremost concern for students, players, parents, spectators, faculty and staff.



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