Sustainable Homes Rochester

Sustainable Homes Rochester (SHR) is a community campaign designed to encourage residents to install clean heating and cooling (CH&C) technologies and improve home energy efficiency. The City of Rochester received a $150,000 grant from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to launch the SHR campaign in partnership with PathStone Corporation Home Rehabilitation and Energy Services (PathStone) and the Climate Solutions Accelerator (Accelerator).

    Sustainable Homes Rochester - Clean. Comfortable. Affordable

Enroll in the Sustainable Homes Rochester Campaign

Submit an inquiry here>>> or call PathStone at (585) 546-3700, ext. 3003 to enroll in the SHR campaign. Kevin Graham, our partner at PathStone, will respond to your inquiry. Enrolling in the SHR campaign is free, has no obligation, and allows you to: 

  • Learn about home energy efficiency opportunities and CH&C technologies that meet the needs of your home and lifestyle.
  • Find out about NYSERDA’s additional energy efficiency incentives that can save you more money on home improvements.
  • Sign up for a free, no obligation home energy assessment to learn how you can save money and improve your home’s energy efficiency. 
  • After your assessment, you may decide to have a discussion with your contractor about what type of home energy efficiency and CH&C technology installation is right for your home. There is no obligation to install anything.

Note: The SHR campaign is currently focused on one to four unit homes. If you live in an apartment building with more than four units, please email Kevin Graham so he can direct you to the appropriate program and resources. 


  • Residents share their experience about installing heat pumps and making energy efficiency improvements through SHR. Click here to learn more. 
  • Take a look at Heat Pump Incentives that are now offered through RG&E and contact the SHR team through the inquiry link or phone number listed above to learn how to take advantage of incentives and  financing opportunities.
  • NYSERDA recently released the Heat Pump Planner, a guide to various types of heat pumps for single-family residential homes. This is very helpful for comparing the different heat pump options, determining what type of heat pump system might be best for a home and identifying questions for the installer.               

Why install Clean Heating and Cooling Technologies?  

CH&C technologies include air source heat pumps, heat pump water heaters and ground source heat pumps. CH&C installations offer many benefits: 

    Clean - safe for your home and better for the environment
  • Comfortable – provides both heating and cooling so you can set your home at your ideal temperature throughout the year
  • Affordable – lowers your energy bills as technologies are more efficient, and last longer with low maintenance

How do Clean Heating and Cooling Technologies Work? 

General information about Sustainable Homes Rochester (PDF)

General information about heat pumps (PDF)

Sustainable Homes Rochester Campaign Goals 

  • Increase public awareness of energy efficiency and CH&C technologies through community-based marketing, outreach, and education activities.
  • Enroll home owners in the campaign for access to information/meet a contractor events, free energy audits, and guidance to improve home energy efficiency and select the right CH&C technologies to meet the needs of the homeowner. 
  • Build long-term interest and demand for energy efficient and clean heating and cooling technologies after the conclusion of the campaign.  

Sustainable Homes Rochester Information Events

Attend an information event listed below to learn more about the campaign:

  • May 26th at 6pm - Energy Smart Investing. Calling all Landlords in the Rochester area. Learn how SHR can improve your property and benefit your tenants. Please register here for the Zoom meeting.
Can't make it to an information event? Watch the SHR informational video here.

Interested in volunteering for the SHR campaign? 

To volunteer, please sign up here>>>. Our partner at Climate Solutions Accelerator will respond to your inquiry.