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2020 Landlord Summit

The City hosted the 2nd annual Landlord Summit on August 20th. The summit was held via Zoom Webinar due to the ban on large gatherings. The Summit agenda was focused on the impacts of COVID-19 on tenants and landlords. Speakers updated attendees on the latest data about the impacts on rental payments, provided guidance on the eviction laws and moratoriums, and shared information on financial resources and programs to assist Landlords and tenants. The City also shared information on temporary code inspection protocols, and solicited feedback on two upcoming policies that will impact property owners and property managers

PLEASE NOTE: New York State has issued an eviction moratorium that will be in place until May 1st. This pertains to individuals who were negatively impacted economically by the COVID-19 pandemic. Tenants must provide a hardship declaration form to the Landlord.

Materials from the Summit and Other Key Resources

Key Resources Contact Information

For Landlords   For Tenants 
General Questions and Advice
The Housing Council at PathStone
(585) 546-3700 (hotline open between 9am and 1pm, Monday to Friday)

Landlord Tenant Mediation Services
Center for Dispute Settlement
(585) 546-5110

Latest Legal Updates, Advocate for Landlord Rights and Support
Under One Roof Coalition
Tenant Emergency Rent Assistance Program
Catholic Family Center
(585) 232-2050

General Assistance Accessing Services
211 Life Line Call Center
Dial: 211, or 1-877-356-9211

Free Financial Counseling
Rochester Financial Empowerment Center

Access to Free Legal Representation
Right to Counsel Project
Volunteer Legal Services Project
(585) 232-3051

Lates Information on COVID-19 Community Response, Other Resources/Programs 

To view the latest comprehensive information on local programs and services in response to COVID-19 please visit:

2019 Landlord Summit materials

The March 13th and April 8th events sold out, and we apologize for those we could not accommodate. Please see below for materials and slides shared at the event as well as a video of the presentations.