RFP - BOA Site Assessments

The City of Rochester is seeking proposals from qualified Consultants (“Consultant(s)”) to provide environmental assessment services (the “Project”) which will be performed as part of the City of Rochester’s 2018 Brownfields Assessment grant from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA). The site assessments will be performed as part of the BOA Site Assessment Program on priority sites identified through the community-based BOA planning process. The four specific Brownfield Opportunity Areas (BOA’s) targeted under this grant are:

  • The South Genesee River Vacuum Oil BOA
  • The Lyell-Lake-State Street (LYLAKS) BOA
  • The Group 14621 BOA
  • The Bull’s Head BOA

Download the RFP (pdf) here

Submission Information and Deadline 

Submit three (3) hard copies and one (1) electronic copy of the complete proposal no later than 

4 p.m. on Friday, March 22, 2019, to: 

City of Rochester
DES/Division of Environmental Quality (DEQ)
30 Church Street, Room 300B,
Rochester, New York 14614
Attn: Vicki Brawn, Coordinator of Administrative Services
Email: Vicki.Brawn@cityofrochester.gov


Please email questions related to the RFP by March 4, 2019 (4 p.m.). Responses are posted here by March 8, 2019. 

BOA Site Assessment RFP – Response to Questions

Q1. The city is requiring preparation of a "site profile" for each Phase I, and for other reports such as Phase II Investigations, a Work Plan, HASP, and QA project plan. This can amount to a significant level of effort; does the city have templates which can be used to unify the format of each of these submittals?

 R1: The RFP states: “Site profile information which will include completion of the EPA Property Approval Form and associated site map”. A copy of the EPA Property Approval Form template is included on the BOA Site Assessment RFP website RFP - BOA SITE ASSESSMENTS.

Q2. On page 6, the City identifies that they will be inputting data from projects in to EPA's ACRES database and consultants should anticipate an hour a month for review. Is this for each project or assuming 1-hour regardless of whether its 1 or 4 projects? We need a sense of the work load from this solicitation; should consultants have a reasonable expectation of 1 assignment a month?

 R2: Assume one (1) hour per month for database review regardless of the number of projects. Consultants should not assume an expectation of monthly assignments.

Q3. The City identifies that two meetings for each "site" and attendance at neighborhood meetings, which will be identified when a site-specific work scope and budget is requested of the consultants. Attachment 1 identifies that the cost for a kick off and closure meeting is to be included with Phase I costs. How much time should be allotted for these meetings; and are these in-person meetings or conference calls?
R3: For the purposes of cost estimating, assume kickoff meeting will be a conference call of one hour and the closure meeting will be in person for one hour.
Q4. Receipt of a response to FOIL requests is always lagging behind the completion of the site visit and preparation of the Phase I report. Should consultants assume they will be submitting draft reports with data gaps because the response to FOIL requests are still pending? Will reports be accepted by EPA and the City with data gaps and will this hold up payment for services?
R4: The answer for this question is that sometimes project schedules or site-specific factors result in both scenarios; submission of a Phase I ESA report without FOIL response information as a data gap (EPA will review Phase I ESA reports with this data gap), and other times a Phase I ESA project schedule will allow for the report to be submitted with the FOIL response information included in the final report. For the purposes of cost estimating, assume that the Phase I ESA report will include the FOIL response review information incorporated into the final report.
Q5. In the Scope of Services (page 5 of the RFP) it states “Respondent’s proposal shall address each of the following services, with a separate cost and timeline for each identified task.” However, no details are provided regarding what services will be required for each separate BOA, the extent of such services, etc. making cost estimation and timeline difficult. Is the intent of the RFP to provide specific project costs for each BOA or shall we simply complete and submit the unit fee proposal provided in Attachment 3?
R5: Intent is not to provide specific project costs for each BOA. Please complete and submit the unit fee proposal provided in Attachment 3.