Public Safety Recruitment 2019

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A rare opportunity  

The City of Rochester is currently accepting applications for all three of the City’s uniformed public safety agencies: The Rochester Police Department; the Rochester Fire Department and the Department of Emergency Communications.

“It is very unusual for the recruitment calendars of all three of these agencies to line up so that all three of our public safety agencies are recruiting at the same time, so this is a rare opportunity for our citizens to explore all three careers paths at the same time.

All three agencies offer excellent salary and benefits packages along with opportunities to advance in rank. All three jobs require applicants to take a written exam and successfully complete a background check. The police officer and firefighter jobs also have physical fitness requirements. Each job has a different residency requirement. T

The job titles, application deadlines and exam dates for each agency are as follows:  

  • 911 Dispatcher: Application deadline was June 30; exam dates are Aug. 12 through 23. Learn more>>
  • Police Officer: Application deadline is Aug. 5; exam date is Sept.14. Learn more>>
  • Firefighter: Application deadline is Sept. 18; exam date is Nov.2 Learn more>>