Proposed Riverside Performing Arts Center

As part of ROC the Riverway, the proposed Riverside Performing Arts Center will incorporate the Performing Arts Center (PAC) within an entertainment and hotel redevelopment at the site currently occupied by the Riverside Hotel on Main Street Downtown.

The new project includes two theaters, a hotel, retail, convention, restaurant and residential development, including a parking structure and public green space with river access, all at this prominent Downtown site.

Riverside Performing Arts Center 

The project’s team will be comprised of Christa Development and Rochester Broadway Theatre League (RBTL) with other partners including the Joseph A. Floreano Rochester Riverside Convention Center. Together they will seek to engage the public, funders, the arts community and other important community stakeholders in the process moving forward.

The equivalent of 810 full-time construction jobs are envisioned for the estimated $250 million project, along with an additional 238 new, permanent, full-time jobs and 271 part-time jobs once the project is completed. Additionally, the economic impact of two new theaters and other added entertainment space will be significantly larger than RBTL’s shows currently create with the potential for more shows and additional ticket sales from a larger theater and programming.

RBTL estimates their new, approximately 3,000 seat theater alone would book a minimum of 180 “use nights” in a given year, which would bring more than 360,000 people Downtown annually with a projected $18.5 million in ticket sales for an overall economic impact of $55.5 million.

To put this into perspective, a two-week RBTL show from last season had attendance of 40,000 people and ticket sales of $2.8 million. The economic impact from this two week performance was $8.4 million (which is generally calculated for Broadway shows using a multiplier of three versus ticket sales). 

As part of that impact, the cast purchased 840 room nights in local hotels, rented 20-30 cars and an untold number of food and beverage purchases from local restaurants, among other miscellaneous expenditures. 

Additionally, 105 stage hands were employed on the show along with 20 wardrobe people and 10 musicians. Add to this the dollars spent by theater goers on dinners and other things.