News Release - Mayor Warren Calls on IAFF Local 1071 Union President Eddie Santiago to Sign Agreement Ending Dynamic Staffing at Night

City of Rochester

News Release

(Thursday, July 11, 2019) - Rochester Mayor Lovely A. Warren today called on Eddie Santiago, President of IAFF Local 1071, to sign an agreement ending extended dynamic staffing as instituted on July 1, 2019. The deal would not reduce any salary, overtime or benefits for the City’s Firefighters. The agreement, already signed by Mayor Warren, would also not increase costs for city taxpayers.

“We have a world-class fire department,” said Mayor Warren. “I’m proud of our Firefighters and the work they do every day. It’s time that their union president, Eddie Santiago, honors their service by signing an agreement that preserves their pay, overtime and benefits. The agreement I have already signed will do that without costing taxpayers a penny more.”

“If Eddie Santiago truly believes that extended dynamic staffing is a threat to public safety, he will join me and sign the agreement,” continued Mayor Warren. “If not, then it should be clear to everyone that he knows the truth. That this isn’t a public safety issue, it’s him scaring people for his own personal benefit.”

The agreement would reassign four (4) Firefighters, serving as truck drivers for the Rochester Fire Protectives, back to active duty with fire companies generating approximately $700,000 in savings. In addition, the agreement would take $500,000 from the 2% fund to pay for fire equipment. The 2% fund is funded by New York State from fees on insurance policies and is jointly managed by the City and the union, and has been used before for the purchase of fire equipment.

“Putting Firefighters back on active duty and using insurance fees to actually buy fire equipment is an easy and straightforward solution to Mr. Santiago’s concerns, if they are genuine,” stated Warren. “The 2% fund has been used in the past for much less pressing concerns, including building a union hall with a full bar by Mr. Santiago. He should have no problem using this money to protect public safety and our firefighters if he truly believes they are at risk.”

The protectives program is a non-firefighting volunteer organization that could drive themselves with proper training like other volunteer units throughout our community. The Protectives are responsible for safeguarding and salvaging property after a fire and we are thankful for them volunteering their time.

With a signed agreement, the Mayor will submit legislation to City Council to amend the 2019-20 City Budget to reflect these changes.

Read the agreement signed by Mayor Warren.


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